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Who is YB4? Akil Asks, Rhobie Answers

Hi everyone! It's Rhobie again. Like I mentioned in the previous post, Akil and I interviewed one another. The questions and answers from the interviews are in this post and the previous one so that you can get to know us. Below are the questions that Akil asked me and the answers I provided.


Q1. Why did you join YB4?

I joined Your Better Four because I believe in its mission of positively transforming the lives of high school and college students by providing tips and resources regarding skill development, academics, and other aspects like mental health. Way too often, young people are not given the support and resources that will help them learn, grow, and succeed. For example, society expects us to have it all figured out as soon as we turn 18, when a lot of young people aren’t taught genuinely useful life skills like filing taxes, learning how to network, time management, and other things that will help us navigate adulthood successfully. I don’t think enough students are given the tools they need to make the best of their four years in high school either, especially those in underfunded schools. I believe Your Better Four will combat this issue of young people not getting enough support in a way that is effective.

Q2. What do you hope to help others with through YB4?

I want to help others understand the potential that they have. Self doubt is very much real, and if there’s anything I can do to help people realize that there’s so much they can do and that they don’t have to go through anything alone, I’ll do it. Whether it’s through my blog posts, the resource hub, or connecting students with skilled professionals, I just want to help.

Q3. What are some of your favorite pastimes?

I love to write. I’ve been doing mostly creative writing (specifically poetry) lately, but I want to get back to working on articles. I also love spending quality time with the people closer to me. I’m definitely not a party person, so a picnic at a park, brunch, or having my best friends over are my go to’s.

Q4. How would you describe your high school experience?

I didn’t like high school. Seriously. After my best friends transferred to different high schools, I always felt out of place. Getting up to go to school was such a drag and I took a lot of mental health days. I got sick often and experienced burnout way too many times. I had this constant feeling of fatigue and struggle with motivation. I didn’t know how to effectively manage my time, but part of that had to do with all of the personal challenges I was dealing with. That being said, I did meet some awesome, resourceful people throughout high school and I was able to participate in clubs and organizations that meant a lot to me. Those things and people definitely kept me sane and enhanced my life in all the ways I needed.

Q5. What have you enjoyed about college thus far?

Honestly I really enjoy the fact that it’s not high school and that I got a chance to start over. I also like knowing there’s always something to get involved in. I got offered two e-board positions for on campus organizations this semester and I’m already learning so much. Between those involvements, classes, work, and rest, I definitely have my hands full. But anyway, there’s always something going on, you just have to find it. It’s become clear that college is truly what you make of it and that is so exciting to me.

Q6. What do you do to ground yourself on a regular basis?

Though I definitely should do it more, praying is so grounding for me. When I really take the time to center myself and pray to God, I end up feeling refreshed. It’s comforting really, knowing there’s someone always there to listen and help you. Being a young woman of faith is really grounding in and of itself, especially during my hardest moments.

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