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Akil Cole, Founder and Visionary

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Hey beautiful people! Akil here. I'm a junior at Georgetown University studying Environmental Studies and Justice and Peace Studies. I'm a huge proponent of personal and community well-being. Caring for my mental health, connecting with Nature, and strengthening my relationships are deeply important to me. I hope I can help create healthy, happy, and peaceful communities, one person at a time. I founded Your Better Four because I want to be a relatable and resourceful voice for students. I want to help positively transform their high school and early college experience!

Rhobie Toussaint, Lead Strategist & Blog Editor


Hi everyone! My name is Rhobie and I am a junior at Florida International University. I’m studying Health Services Administration with a minor in English. I love to write, spend quality time with loved ones, and learn more about the world around me. I hope to make a difference in the field of Healthcare and find an intersection between healthcare and communications. I joined Your Better Four because I believe in its mission and want to do my part in supporting high school and college students and helping them learn and grow! 

More about the Founding of Your Better Four

Hey there, it's Akil again! In 2020, I graduated from Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School (Go Trojans!) and I'm currently a sophomore at Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa!)

I graduated 4th in my class and was accepted into several highly ranked universities, including Emory University, Howard University, and the University of Florida (among others.)

That being said, I want high school and college students to know that no matter how good or bad your grades are, what clubs you're in or sports you play, or whether or not you have a perfect plan after graduation, school can be rough. 

I hope by sharing my perspective and skills, I can help students experience a better four years of high school (and beyond!)

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