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Student Self-Care: It's Not Always So Sweet

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear “self-care?” Maybe warm showers, affirmations, and scented candles? How about a day with no homework and nothing but meditation, your favorite food, and Netflix? 🤔

This vision of self-care, this very popular vision, prioritizes luxury and treating yourself. But, what if I told you self-care isn’t just bath bombs and binging Stranger Things? What if I told you practicing healthy self-care looked more like staying in bed to rest after a tough week at school? Or that self-care could mean choosing to eat breakfast and lunch to nourish your body, rather than skipping out because life is moving too fast?

While treating yourself to some of your favorite things occasionally (like yummy food, shopping, or new hairstyle) is fantabulous, self-care goes so much deeper than that. Practicing self-care, day after day, means respecting your body and its needs. It means saying no to yet another late night studying and instead choosing to sleep. It means choosing one less cup of coffee this week because your body is screaming “WAAAATEEER, PLEEEEASE” 😩

Most of the time, self-care isn’t sexy or sweet. As an overachieving procrastinator, I often find myself juggling a dozen projects, deadlines, meetings, and goals each day. I tell myself “I’ll just stay up a couple more hours to finish this blog post”(lol) or “Just gotta make this IG Reel, dinner can wait” or “I’ll call Grandma tomorrow, gotta finish editing this episode.”

But each time I do that, I sacrifice what matters most: my body, mental health, and meaningful relationships. In short, I neglect self-care. And I know I’m not the only student who does that (yay I’m not alone!!) So, as National Self-Care Awareness Month comes to an end, please # do yourself a favor and think sincerely about your physical, mental, and emotional needs. To help you do that, ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What basic physical, mental, or emotional needs might I need to pay more attention to? Eating, drinking water, sleeping, staying clean, healthy socializing, something else?

  2. Why am I struggling to address those needs?

  3. What is one simple step that I can take to better address my basic needs?

You’re never alone, especially with Your Better Four rooting for your success and health! Feel free to reach out on Instagram (@yourbetterfour) or phone (786-567-7635) anytime with questions or comments!

-Akil 💙

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